New Products

Panasonic Security Cameras - Demo in stores now!

Panasonic E Series; the new smart investment for your business

Protect Your Tools With Van Vault

New to some of our Active branches is Van Vault NZ, a secure storage solution for your tools. With the number of power tools being a target of break-ins don't risk it, and protect the gear in your vehicle.

Circutor solar canopies for electric vehicle charging systems

Charge electric vehicles using photovoltaic energy generated by solar canopies that shelter cars and dont require additional rooftop space

The New PDL Iconic Range

Introducing the new PDL iconic range, an all-new electrical accessories range, based on a slim, new design platform that is easy to customise and blends in perfectly with a wide range of environments

Wireless damage-free switch installation with wi-switch

Are your light switches in inconvenient positions?

Want to add more but don't want to damage walls and ceilings to install them?

Wi-switch is the solution for you!

Econnecx Automation Systems

New Zealand developed and supported affordable smart home and office automation and security system. Find out why Econnecx should be your automation system solution...

Introducing elettrocanali

Active Electrical Suppliers are now the proud New Zealand supplier of Elettrocanali.
Elettrocanali is an Italian manufacturing company established 40years ago producing a range of high quality electrical products using technical and skilled manpower respecting social and environmental logic.

New Klein High Visibility Tools

Sick of losing your tools in dark or gloomy work sites? Check out the awesome new range of glow in the dark tools from Klein

Invertek Drives - Online Catalogue

Check out our new mobile friendly Invertek Drives online catalogue for information about the different drives available at Active

Schneider Saturn Zen Series - As seen on The Block NZ

Whether you require wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, USB chargers, fan controllers, dimmers or cooker switches — Saturn Zen combines form and function to create a complete switch solution for your home.

Teubel EZMP8-302

Smart metering moves kWh meters indoors.
When no one comes to read the meter, there is no need for outdoor meter boxes.

New This May: Chemz Food Grade Range

Chemz now have 9 new food safe aerosols available for a range of purposes.

Solar for Sparkies... Opportunity is Knocking

Do you know the benefits of solar power for commercial buildings?

Invertek Drives New Pool Pump

Check out this pool pump that can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%

HFE Soft Start Motor


This small but clever duel soft-start and energy optimising device for single phase induction motors is a leap forward in gaining energy savings.

LL1500T-210 Watt LED Hi-Bay

Find out about the new LL1500T from enolt

Pocket Sized Clamp Tester

Every electrician needs clamp meter and one that measures down to milliamps is an added advantage

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